Soft Skin Moisturiser Cream - After-work skin conditioning cream


Skin Moisturiser


  1. Excellent skin - care properties, helps prevent problems such as dermatitis.
  2. Restores natural oils and suppleness to skin.
  3. Easily dispensed from existing container or wall mounted pump dispenser systems.
  4. Highly concentrated and economic in use.

Product Description

Skin Soft Moisturising Cream is a superior hand and skin conditioner specially developed for use in the washrooms of Factories, Offices, Hotels, Airports, Ferries, Pubs, Clubs, Schools, Sports & Leisure Centres, Hospitals and Nursing Homes where stringent regulations and health standards are of the utmost importance.

Skin Soft Moisturising Cream restores natural oils to the skin after exposure to water, detergents, oil, grease and industrial soilage which results in de-fatting and cracking of the skin.

Skin Soft Moisturising Cream leaves skin feeling fresh and supple and any adverse reaction is extremely rare.

Skin Soft Moisturising Cream can be used in wall mounted dispenser systems which are designed to dispense cream products and lotion  pumps fitted to the container.

Directions for use

Simply apply to hands and skin and massage well in until absorbed.

The use of our Universal Barrier Cream is strongly recommended before commencing work to give added protection to skin and help prevent onset of dermatitis.


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