Sanitiser - Multi-Surface Cleaner & Sanitiser




  1. An effective environmentally safe cleaner for general cleaning and sanitising applications.
  2. Residual sanitising effect retards further growth of a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria.
  3. Anti-static properties retards re-soiling.
  4. Easy and economical to use either manually or through machines.
  5. Safe on all surface unaffected by water.

Product Description

Sanitiser is a highly effective alkaline biocidal surface cleaner specially developed for the food processing industry where powerful degreasing and sanitising action is required. It is suitable for use on walls, floors, doors, food hatches, fridges, food preparation surfaces, vending machines, food  delivery vehicles, processing plant and equipment.

Sanitiser is effective against both gram positive and gram negative micro-organisms but remains an ultra-low toxicity product suitable for sanitising and cleaning in Food Processing Factories, Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, Canteens, Public Buildings, Hospitals and Nursing Homes, Surgeries and Vets.

Sanitiser is an ideal choice for food contact areas particularly as this positive ionic cleaner displays anti-static properties on troublesome surfaces like plastic and formica. The product is free rinsing and will act  as a residual sanitiser in a 2% solution.

Directions for use.

For cleaning by normal methods such as spraying, mopping, swabbing, scrubbing an hand wipe, dilute with hot or cold water between 25:1 and 40:1 depending upon level of contamination.

Suitable for use in the detergent tank of pressure washers and contact cleaning machinery where large areas are to be cleaned.

Can be used at 50:1 as a terminal sanitising rinse.

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