OxiPowder Oxygenator for Algae and Blanketweed Control


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OxiPowder Oxygenator for Algae and Blanketweed Control - Algae and Blanketweed Control and Maintaining oxygen levels for fish.

Ponds, Lakes & Aquaculture

To improve oxygen levels and reduce sludge build up in ponds, lakes and fish farming. Prevents sudden fish death due to low oxygen levels which are a direct result of algae and blanketweed growth. Prevents stagnant water situations and enhances biological treatments for algae and blanketweed control.

Algae and Blanketweed Control

Fast acting powder which weakens problematic algae and blanketweed in all sizes of pond and lake. Biodegradeable and non-toxic to humans, fish beneficial aquatic organisms and wildlife. Particularly suitable and cost effective for larger water areas above 1 acre. OxiPowder is particularly effective when used in conjunction with our Biological Pond Relief to give long-lasting results.

How to apply OxiPowder

Dosage Rate: Sprinkle 5 grms per Square Meter over the water area. (One hand full is appr. 15 to 20 grms.) For surface growth sprinkle directly onto the algae and blanketweed. For submerged areas of algae and blanketweed, apply to the water surface directly above it and the powder will sink to the affected area.

Application Data

OxiPowder can be used in any aquatic area to increase oxygen levels to prevent the suffering of fish and aquatic life forms. When algae grows it consumes oxygen as well as the microbes which fight against the algae, to stimulant the microbes the OxiPowder will sink to to bottom of the pond or lake and during the release of oxygen it weakens the algae and provides oxygen for the fish.


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