OxiPlus TR35 Oxygenator for Horticulture

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OxiPlus TR35 oxygenator for Horticulture
- Oxiplus TR35 can be used for a wide variety of applications.


Soil compaction in crop production contributes to:-

• Decreased water retention
• Slow water movement through the soil profile
• Reduced pore space for aeration, root development and expansion
• Reduced soil and plant metabolic processes
• Crops more susceptible to disease and pest attack
• Poor fruit set and smaller vegetables

Oxiplus stimulates beneficial soil bacteria, fungi and mycorrhizae to open up compacted soil particles and make more nutrient and minerals available for healthy and rapid plant growth.

In over-watered or flood conditions Oxiplus enables plants to survive and prevents rotting of the root system. Oxygen, water and nutrients stimulate the roots and plants are then able to feed properly, improving their growth rate and appearance.

Oxiplus stimulates the rapid biodegradation of organic waste matter and creates an aerobic healthy soil allowing the roots to grow through it to establish a more secure and stronger plant. Oxiplus also quickly converts compost and manure, making it safer and more readily available as a plant nutrient.

Reduces thatch levels and improves soil drainage on lawns.

Substantial cost savings are achieved due to less irrigation and fertilising requirements. Healthier and faster growing plants means greater yields and quicker crop turnover. The high dilution and coverage rates make Oxiplus extremely economic in use and its ability to be mixed with other products such as our Alga 600 Seaweed Extract and Softguard Plant Health Supplement saves considerable labour costs.

Application Rates

watercanWatering Can Add 1 teaspoon to 10 Litres of water. Other plant feeds/treatments can be mixed at the same time if required. Apply monthly


seedSeed Soaking (pre-germination) Dilute 1ml per 1 litre water, place seeds in a tray and spray until half seed is submerged. Leave for 5-9 hours.




2 / 5 Litre Pressure Sprayers Fill the pressure sprayer with water, then for the following desired results, add and mix: 2 Litre - 2mls - for maintaining healthy growth 5 Litre - 1 teaspoon - for maintaining healthy growth Spray foliage until wet. Apply monthly throughout the growing season.




farm sprayer


Apply at a rate of 5 Litres mixed in 600 Litres of water for the treatment of 1 hectare in spring and autumn. Can be added to irrigation tanks to prevent them becoming stagnant. Reduces the risk of phytophera infection. 1ml per litre. Add to compost and manure heaps to rapidly accelerate the rotting down process and reduce odours. 10mls in sufficient water to treat 1 cubic metre.




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