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Metacleanse Alkaline Cleaner – Travena
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Metacleanse Alkaline Cleaner

Metacleanse Alkaline Cleaner

A highly effective, non-caustic alkaline cleaner with corrosion inhibitors for general cleaning of oils, fats and greases from food processing machinery and production areas. Safe on brass, aluminium and galvanised surfaces. Ideal for removing burnt on deposits from barbecues and grills. Highly effective in industrial parts washers and degreaser units.



  • A strong, effective, environmentally safe cleaner for general cleaning and sanitising applications
  • Compatible with terminal sanitising rinse products
  • Safe on sensitive materials and surfaces
  • Easy and economical to use
  • Extremely effective on burnt on all types of oils, grease residues and carbon deposits
  • Can be used at lower temperatures to save energy costs


Product Description

Non-caustic, low foaming, heavy duty alkaline product developed specially for use in Food processing industries for the rapid removal of heavy deposits of fats, greases, oils, proteins, carbohydrates and burnt on residues from ovens, baking trays, heat exchangers and filling equipment. The product is safe to use on normally sensitive surfaces such as aluminium, brass or galvanised  steel and will not cause corrosion.

Ideal for use in Abattoirs, Butcheries, Poultry Production, Sea Food Production, Fish Processing, Dairies, Drink Production, Cooked Meat Processing, Bakeries, Confectioners & Biscuit Makers,Transportation, Food Preparation & Service Areas where clean hygienic conditions are essential.

Extremely effective when used as an immersion or dip-tank Cleaner.


Directions for use

Directions for use

Remove any gross soiling and debris from floors, equipment and work surfaces prior to use.

Product can be used cold although faster and more effective results will be achieved when used with heated water.

General Cleaning

Dilute up to 100 : 1 depending upon degree of soilage. For best results leave on surface for a few minutes before rinsing off.

Pressure Washers and Steam Cleaning

Set machines at 1 – 5% depending upon degree of soilage.

Component Washing Machines and Dip Tanks

General dilution from 5 : 1 to 50 :1 depending upon soilage on parts to be cleaned. Leave for up to 15 minutes or until parts are clean. Rinse off with fresh water.

Do not allow product to dry on surface and always thoroughly rinse off

Actual product label / packaging may differ from image shown