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Blumat Self Watering Devices

Blumat Self Watering System for House Plants

BluMat Watering Device with Tube Feed - 3 in pack - £10.80 GO TO STORE
BluMat Bottle Top Watering Device - 3 in pack -  £10.80 GO TO STORE

Blumat Tube Fed Self Watering Device

Blumat dispenses precisely the right amount of water which house plants require, irrespective of whether they are in sunny or shady location. The water is sucked in along a thin tube from your choice of receptacle and released to the plant through the clay cone / watering spike.

Simply attach the tube to the watering cone and place the other end into a water filled receptacle of your choice, this can be of any size to suit your watering requirements. Put the watering cone into the soil and it will slowly suck the right amount of water down the tube as the plants require it preventing the soil from drying out and safeguarding the plants.

Please be aware the ceramic cone (watering spike / clay cone) will release max 250ml water within 24 hours, therefore a 2 litre bottle will last for 8 days. For larger plant use more than one watering spike / watering cone or phone for our special product range.

See how the Blumat System works on YouTube

Blumat is ready for use at any time.
Plants remain in their usual location
No repotting is required
Blumat is the ideal watering system when you are away on holday
Can also be used throughout the year

Blumat Tube Fed Self Watering System for House Plants

Blumat Bottle Adaptor Watering Device Spike

With the simple to use Blumat Bottle Adapter you can attach the clay watering cones supplied to almost any plastic water bottle from 0.25 litre to 2.5 litres.
A simple watering device with a constant water release, specially designed for patio or garden plants. Once you have filled the bottle and attached the ceramic cone, prick a small hole in the base of the bottle and insert the cone into the soil, the porous cone will dispense approx. 250ml of water every 24 hours to water large flowers or for example tomato or cucumber plants.

Blumat Bottle Top Self Watering System for House Plants

How the Blumat Bottle Adapter Watering Device Works

How the BluMat Self Watering devices work