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Soil Remediation BK350-10

Concentrated bacterial powder for use in Hydrocarbon contaminated soil BioRemediation projects and treatments.

Constructing a BioPile system  

Aeration pipes to assist ventilation and biodegradation


1 Kg Powder BK350-10 - £48.00 GO TO STORE


An effective, environmentally safe solution for rapid oil and organic degradation.
Supplied in a water soluble 250 gm sachet for ease of handling and accurate dosing.
Biological action reduces oil and contaminants to carbon dioxide and water.
Reduces risk of pollution liability and lowers  disposal costs.
Used in situ and reduces cost on landfill.
Product requires no hazchem labelling and is therefore safe in use, storage and transport.
Does not contain any harsh chemicals.

Product Description

BK350/10 is a specially formulated  microbial product, which  has  been  designed
to  accelerate  the   degradation  of   petroleum  hydrocarbons such as gasoline,
diesel, benzene, toluene, and xylene as well as other organics in soil  decontamination
applications. Typical  areas  include  contaminants  from  land  areas such  as
Factory Sites, Railway  Tracks,  Sidings and Embankments, Garage  Forecourts,
Oil  Refineries, Fuel Storage Depots, Brownfield Developments,  Power Cable Joint
Bays, Windrows and BioPile remediation systems. This hydrocarbon treatment can be done insitu.

BK350/10 rapidly establishes a biomass which can effectively degrade the complex
structures of petroleum  hydrocarbons, particularly  those  found  at  refinery sites which
are very difficult to degrade.  The use of a broad spectrum of  bacteria  results in
faster degradation rates and thus quicker clean up of contaminated soil. To ensure
optimal performance they are produced and blended with ‘high potency’ nutrients and

BK350/10 is effective even in saline  environments.  Many  bacteria cannot tolerate
saline  conditions  making  the  biodegradaton  of  hydrocarbons  particularly  difficult in
such applications.  BK350/10 contains a blend of bacteria, which has been specially
adapted to operate in saline environments.

BK350/10 has  an  increased  tolerance to high levels of chemicals found in effluent
from aerobic  wastewater  treatment  plants  which  can  prove  toxic  to normal biomass. 
These strains  of  bacteria are also capable of  producing  bio-surfactants, which  help to
accelerate the rate of degradation of relatively insoluble chemicals.

Directions for use

BK350/10 can be used in dry or wet applications. Rake or till the soil and apply at the
rate of 1 Kg per 20 square metres of contaminated soil. Maintain the treated area as if
growing a lawn and water regularly.

For up to 1500 cu.mtrs use 100 Kgs of BK350/10 added to 400 Kgs of NPK fertiliser to
Treat 1500 cubic metres of soil.

For larger projects a simple ‘bio-reactor’ system can be set up on site to make it more
economic to treat full scale brownfield re-development sites.

BK350/10 when used in wet applications and direct injection systems, should be
mixed with  clean warm water at a temperature of approximately 30 deg C for at least
2 hours before application to soil.

BK350/10 contains  no  harsh chemicals or solvents.  The micro-organisms present
are all naturally occurring and are non-pathogenic to humans or animals.

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