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Bio Oil Booms - Biological Oil & Grease degrading absorbent boom

BioBoom Oil Remediation Pillows

Carton of 6 BioBoom Pillows - £324.00 GO TO STORE
Single BioBoom Pillow - £54.00 GO TO STORE


Environmentally friendly digesting surface oil and releasing harmless carbon dioxide and water.
Easy to use and maintenance free.
Product requires no hazchem labelling and is therefore safe in use, storage and transport.
Reduces risk of exceeding discharge levels fixed by Water and River Authorities.
Does not contain any harsh chemicals.
Product Description

Bio Oil Booms are a product specifically designed to absorb and biologically degrade oils and greases in industrial  Interceptors, petrol Station Forecourt  and Car Park Interceptors, Sumps, Bilges, Oil Traps, Bunds and Oily Water Drains.

Each Bio Oil  Boom measuring 36cm (d) x 63cm contains  both oil absorbing polypropylene and oil specific bacteria.

Once the bio mass colony is established, each Bio Oil Boom is capable of digesting up to a minimum 3kg of free surface oil every week.

How they work

The Bio Oil Boom absorbs oil as a traditional absorbent but does not need replacing for up to 6 months.

The harmless oil specific bacteria contained in the boom  have been selected for their ability to digest and remove a broad range of hydrocarbons. The by-product of this process is carbon dioxide and water.

Once a bio mass has formed within the Oil Boom, oil specific bacteria will migrate and attach  themselves to the  bottom  and sides of the interceptors and continue to degrade any oil in that area.

Directions for use.

Ideal  deployment  is  following  a  routine  clean  out of the interceptor.  Lower Oil Boom onto surface of water and secure using attached rope.  In a standard 3 stage Interceptor (1 cubic metre per hour flow rate) place Oil Booms in the second and third chamber.

Replace up to every six months depending upon input of oil.

Depending  upon  ambient  temperature  allow 6 – 8 weeks  for a  bio mass colony to become established.

Note: Influent streams to interceptor systems containing high concentrations of disinfectants, bleaches or high pH   aqueous degreasers will destroy bacterial colonies and result in the Oil Boom.

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