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BioMagic Seaweed Extract Fertiliser

The most effective method of promoting healthy vigorous plant growth. can be applied to a wide variety of plants including vegetables, tomatoes, roses, shrubs etc.

GumSov Chewing Gum Remover

Rapid removal of chewing gum from all surfaces, safe and easy to use. can also be used for removing stubborn marks such as lipstick, felt tip pen etc.


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A range of products for the Gardener, Allotment Holder, Smallholder and Farmer


Sentinal Plant Health Care

Sentinal contains Chitosan and Chitin which is used in agriculture for soil improvement, seed coating, root activation and plant health, improves the immune system.

Chitin is produced by special biochemical technology. It boosts the immune systems in all types of plants.

Promotes crop growth, builds up the capacity of resistance, increases yield and improves quality.

More information on Sentinal Plant Health Care


GreenOff Algae and Mould Remover for Decking and Fencing

GreenOff is a specialised blend of liquid bacteria cultures, surfactants, enzymes and natural oxidisers for the removal of mould and green algae from all wodden and stone surfaces. Helps prevent accidents from slippery floor srfaces.

More information on Travena GreenOff Algae and Mould Remover