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BioMagic Seaweed Extract Fertiliser

The most effective method of promoting healthy vigorous plant growth. can be applied to a wide variety of plants including vegetables, tomatoes, roses, shrubs etc.

GumSov Chewing Gum Remover

Rapid removal of chewing gum from all surfaces, safe and easy to use. can also be used for removing stubborn marks such as lipstick, felt tip pen etc.


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Travena Organic Solution

For Agriculture, Industry & Gardening

Travena offer a wide range of highly effective products for home gardener, farmer and industrial use.

Agriculture, Farming, Growers & Gardeners   Oil Cleanup, Soil Remediation, Gum Removal

Plant health care, fertilising and composting.
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Oil & Grease cleanup in soil or hard surfaces.
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Industrial Cleaning & Degreasing   Self Watering Devices

General industrial cleaning and degreasing.
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Self watering devices for house and patio plants.
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SeptClean Septic Tank Treatment
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