Bio Sock

Bio Sock

BIOLOGICAL FAT, OIL & Grease degrading absorbent SOCK




  1. Environmentally friendly, digesting fats, grease and oil and releasing harmless carbon dioxide and water.
  2. Easy to use and maintenance free. Reduces expensive clean outs and maintenance costs.
  3. Product requires no hazchem labelling and is therefore safe in use, storage and transport.
  4. Reduces risk of exceeding discharge levels fixed by Water and River Authorities.
  5. Does not contain any harsh chemical.
 Product Description

BioSock's have been specifically designed to absorb and biologically degrade
fats, oils and greases in Catering Interceptors, Grease Traps, Sewage Lift
Stations and Waste Water Treatment Plants.

Each  permeable, loose woven ‘sock’ contains approximately l Kg of selectively
adapted bacterial strains specifically formulated for the biodegradation of animal
and vegetal grease.

BioSocks can be easily suspended in all collection areas (manholes, lift stations)
and wastewater treatment systems (degreasers, aeration basins and clarifiers).
The Sock is suspended in the sewage flow and continuously releases its biologically
active materials, enzymes, surfactants and selected bacteria. The environment to
be treated is thus continuously seeded in an economical way.

How they work

The water and sewage nutrient activate the bacteria which form a biomass which
then colonises the walls and surfaces of the holding tanks, grease traps and lift
stations. Fats, Oils, Grease and sewage waste is then broken down and digested
by the bacterial colonies turning the waste into CO2 and water.

Directions for use.

Ideal  deployment  is  following  a  routine  clean  out of the interceptor, grease trap
or lift station. Each box of BioSocks contains a 10 metre rope and snap-hook.
Simply tie off the BioSock from a suitable handrail or ladder rung etc and lower into
the effluent stream.

Normal replacement of the BioSock should be carried out at monthly intervals.
However for the initial seeding of the system in the first month put an additional
BioSock into the system after two weeks leaving the first sock in there at the
same time.


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