Biological Liquid For Digesting Fats Oil & Grease (Fog)


BioFree -
Suitable For Manual Or Automatic Dosing Systems

Please See Graphic how does it work with BioFree GreaseTreatment


  1. Unique liquid biological formulation replaces environmentally hazardous cleaners.
  2. Reduces the risk of  breeding ground for pests.
  3. Keeps drains, traps and pipelines clean and free flowing.
  4. Digests grease, solid organic waste and effluent.
  5. Destroys obnoxious odours from waste pipes, drains and grease traps.  Increases the standard of hygiene.
  6. Significantly reduces the frequency of grease trap emptying, emergency call outs and overall plumbing costs.
  7. Product requires no hazchem labelling and is therefore safe in transport, storage and use.
  8. Completely biodegradable thereby minimising any environmental impact.

Product Description

Catering establishments, Pubs, Hotels and Restaurants and Galleys have found that the  build up of fat, oil and grease (FOG) is an  unfortunate  fact of life  that can often  lead to blocked, overflowing drains, unpleasant odours and pest problems.

Nearly all catering establishments have an interceptor  or  fat trap built into the drainage system designed to retain FOG and to allow the clarified water to be discharged to the sewers.

The fat trap should work successfully if emptied regularly. However the natural bacteria in the fat trap and drainage  system, which are essential to the proper functioning of the fat trap, are constantly being reduced by the use of biocide cleansers and by high temperature waste waters.

With insufficient bacterial activity the FOG will build up in the fat trap and along the drain lines. This will lead to slow running of the drains and to a grease cap forming over the fat trap which stops the fat trap functioning and creating rank odours.

Bio-Free contains specially selected lipase producing bacteria, nutrients and enzymes in a buffer solution.

Introduced  into the drain  lines the bacteria in Bio Free, release the enzyme lipase which convert the fatty acids into carbon dioxide and H2O thus allowing the drains to become free flowing and reducing the organic loading into harmless constituent parts.

Bio-Free thus  provides  a permanent  solution to FOG build-up allowing drain lines to be kept clear and greatly extend maintenance intervals of the fat trap.

Directions for use

Dosage rates depend on the number of meals served each day. Up to 500 mls every night is recommended for 400 500 covers per day. The product is injected into the drains by an automatic dispenser, once a day by an automatic timed dosing unit set to be activated when kitchen activity is low and the clean down is finished. The point of application should be below the sink but after the U bend.

Alternatively it can be simply poured down the sink outlets after any washing down or cleaning activity has been completed.

For light catering,drinks, bar and pantry locations 25 - 50mls poured down each night will maintain a fresh and free flowing drain system.

Note: The use of toxic cleaners such as acids, caustics, bleaches and disinfectants will have a detrimental effect on the biological  activity and  should not be used in the drainage system at the same time as BioFree.



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