BioTCD Biological Toilet & Washroom Cleaner/Descaler (Toilet Chemicals replacement)




  1. Unique liquid biological formulation replaces environmentally hazardous cleaners (replaces hazardous toilet chemicals).
  2. Replaces other cleaners, which would previously cause the biological sewage system to malfunction.
  3. Multi-purpose use, cleans toilets, sinks, tiles, floors and showers etc.
  4. Keeps drains, traps and pipelines clean and clear.
  5. Digests grease, body fats, solid organic waste and effluent.
  6. Destroys obnoxious odours from drains and waste pipes.
  7. Product requires no hazchem labelling and is therefore safe in use, storage and transport.
  8. Completely biodegradable thereby minimising any environmental impact.
  9. Product tested and approved by: Marley Floors & Waterproofing  Research & Development Dept.

Product Description

Bio TCD  contains  a  blend  of selected  micro-organisms specially selected for their ability to grow and produce a wide range of enzymes which help degrade organic waste materials.

Bio TCD also contains a  blend of surfactants  to enhance the cleaning effect of  the  product  and  to  penetrate into deposits  on  surface.  This  also aids  the microbial action by making a greater area available for microbial attack.

Bio TCD also contains natural ingredients to help dissolve lime-scale and uric acid crystals thus preventing significant build up.  This helps to eliminate the need for the use of corrosive acids for this purpose.

All  aspects  of  the  formulation  help  to  remove organic  materials and  prevent build  up  of  deposits which  can  lead  to  malodours  in toilets and urinals. The chemical   ingredients  of  the  product  are biodegradable   so  will  not  have  an adverse effect on the operation of effluent treatment plants and septic tanks.

Other areas  of  application include  slow moving drains, which block with  organic matter causing malodours. Bio TCD attacks the organic substrate responsible for these foul odours.

Directions for use.

Dilute 20:1 and use daily as a normal toilet cleaner and replaces hazardous toilet chemicals.  Lift seat and apply Bio TCD to  cover the surface of the toilet bowl.  Scrub with a toilet brush and flush clear.

Spray a little more Bio TCD around the bowl and leave until toilet is next used.

This allows the biological system to carry on working on any remaining residues and keeps the area totally fresh.

Dilute 20:1 and use daily.  Apply liquid to cover the surface.  Scrub using a toilet brush and leave on surface for as long as possible or until next automatic flush.

Dilute from 20:1 up to 40:1 depending upon degree of soiling  and wipe over with a cloth or mop. Leave to air dry.

Note: The use of toxic cleaners such as acids, caustics, bleaches etc., will have a detrimental effect on the biological activity and should not be used with Bio TCD


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