Bactericidal Hand Soap - Luxury Hand And Body Washing Lotion


Bactericidal Hand Soap


  1. Excellent skin care properties.
  2. Effective sanitation in food handling and high risk areas.
  3. Unperfumed for use in food preparation areas.
  4. Easily dispensed from existing container or wall mounted pump dispenser systems.
  5. Highly concentrated and economic in use.

Product Description

Bactericidal Hand Soap is a superior  skin care  specially developed for use in the Food Processing Industries. Hotels,  Airports,  Pubs,  Clubs,  Schools,  Canteens, Sports & Leisure Centres, Hospitals and Nursing Homes where stringent regulations and health standards are of the utmost importance.

Bactericidal Hand Soap kills the bacteria that cause skin infections and breaks the chain that leads to the contamination of foodstuffs.

Bactericidal Hand Soap lathers extremely well, cleans and sanitises effectively yet is gentle enough for use in showers.

Bactericidal Hand Soap is unperfumed and will not taint food. It is therefore ideal for use by anyone involved in food preparation activities.

Bactericidal Hand Soap can be used in most types of wall mounted dispenser systems or lotion pumps fitted to the container.

Directions for use

Simply apply a minimal amount on to hands, work up a lather with water. Rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Regular  use  will  inhibit  the  multiplication of organisms that can lead to skin disorders.

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